We live at the intersection of Big Data and Behavioral Economics. 

And the view is amazing:


Preventive care adherence

over baseline, year after year

Educated, increased enrollment

 in better value health plans


Increased concierge utilization

for health plans


Game-changing ROI

through evidence-based adherence


Swift consumer switches

to preferred pharmacies


Improved outcomes

through personalized incentives

Inspired by Potential. Inspired by People.

We came together in 2007 because we believed that people will make the right decisions in healthcare if they’re given the right information, at the right time, in the right way. That core belief has proven true in thousands of early detections, millions of dollars in cost savings, and more. These are not data points. They're consumer stories. And we're happy to help write them.

We build personalized tools

 that equip people with the information they need,

and empower them to take healthy action.

Take a look:

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We're proudly powered by:

Big Data Prioritization

The right time. Using our Evive Evolution 2.0 Platform, we aggregate medical, pharmacy, participation, and demographic data from a limitless number of resources to create a dynamic intervention profile for each individual.


Behavioral Economics

The right way. Working with the best thought leaders, we pioneer
new and practicable insights in influencing consumer behavior in care and cost decisions.


The right engagement. It doesn't stop at timely and behaviorally-astute.
Our tools are individualized pieces, loaded with information clearly personalized to the individual, with elements such as plan coverage, physician phone number, and more.

We are the Engagement Accelerator.


The Evive Evolution 2.0 Platform 
transforms widely-sourced data 
into personalized recommendations 
that help individuals optimize
their own care and cost
decisions year-round.


The medium is the message.

With distinct solutions for direct mail, SMS text, and web delivery, we meet people where they are in their everyday lives.

Direct mail

SMS text


Over 6.3 million

consumers touched across all 50 states

Top Fortune 500

clients across industries


Innovative health plans

with large group & exchange members

Big Data. Bright Ideas.
Every day, we're building the New Healthcare Consumerism.