Evive Health Reports Tremendous Growth in First Half of 2016

(CHICAGO – Aug. 10, 2016) — Evive Health announced today record-setting growth for the first six-months of 2016 relative to increased revenue, client growth and number of employee lives touched. Evive is the nation’s leading personalized health-engagement company and a pioneer in the field of predictive analytics. 

“The growth we are experiencing is a direct result of employers nationwide realizing the importance of optimizing employee engagement in their health benefits programs as a means to not only save significant dollars but to serve as a key differentiator in an organization’s employee satisfaction and retention strategy,” said Peter Saravis, co-founder and CEO of Evive. “The Evive model is being increasingly adopted by Fortune 500 companies who are receptive to embracing new approaches and innovative technologies that optimize employee utilization of benefits.”

Evive reports that during the first half of 2016, the company experienced a 54 percent annualized growth from the close of 2015. Additionally, Saravis anticipates a 77 percent year-over-year revenue increase by the end of 2016. The majority of this increase is due to the addition of a number of well-known Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions being added to Evive’s existing roster of clients.  

The Evive formula for success is built around replacing generic less-effective employee benefits communication with analytics-enabled, hyper-personalized messages tailored to the health, financial and lifestyle needs of each individual employee. These messages provide the encouragement employees and their dependents need to take empowered action, such as completing preventive screenings on time; choosing cost-saving, narrow network sites of care; and making more strategic choices in health plan selection. Such engagement reduces wasteful healthcare spending and leads to optimized health year-round.

“Through leveraging the power of predictive analytics, we can use data including demographics, socio-economic status, benefits usage, habits, environmental variables and life events to prioritize benefit choices,” says Saravis. “Further, this valued information is delivered through mediums they are most likely to read and embrace.”

Jeff Lietz, chief sales and marketing officer of Evive, says that he foresees continued growth throughout the balance of 2016 and beyond as employers increasingly realize that “improvement in benefits engagement must be a top priority in their human resource agenda if they are to attract and maintain a healthy workforce.”


About Evive

Evive Health provides data-driven predictive analytics and highly personalized engagement technology delivered through a benefits hub or imbedded within an existing portal to help members optimize health and benefits decision making. This, in turn, allows employers, plans and exchanges to maximize the value of their health and benefits investments. Evive delivers highly personalized engagement services to members covered by Fortune 500 companies, leading health plans and private exchanges. Learn more at




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